Grow Your Twitter Account Like A Pro
From "Oops" to "Wow!" - How we used Twitter to grow our business, and how you can do the same.
"The Social Ms blog and books have shown us great possibilities of growing on Twitter and via online media."
Guy Pardon
Co-Founder of Atomikos
Freelancers, Bloggers, Small Businesses, Corporations: Twitter can work for everyone!
  •  How to turn strangers into followers and followers into leads.
  •  A repeatable process to generate reliable web traffic via Twitter.
  •  How to stay focused on outcome and performance.
Jonathan and Susanna Gebauer 
We started social media marketing in 2010 when we built our first business. 

After building a website with over 500.000 monthly pageviews, with a zero-budget social media strategy, it was time for something new. We started The Social Ms - our current business.

The Social Ms is our marketing blog and service company. We teach low-budget marketing methods with high impact. 

Our vision is to level the marketing playing field. A world in which you can compete with big brands.

Twitter played a huge role in all our online successes.
"This information is perfect for me...  I have several websites and blogs but I completely underestimated Twitter and how powerful it actually is."
David Bibby
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