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The Twitter Marketing Course by The Social Ms

What if your blog attracted 10,000s of new visitors every month? What if some of these visitors turned into new clients for your business? Bought some of your products?

This can happen to you. Now. But you need to make it happen. With our Twitter Marketing Course you will!

Social media influencers have a secret weapon:



... you already spent 100s of hours online, working like a dog, just to get a couple of clicks to your blog...

... you want to grow your online business but just need more traffic and social influence to make it work...

... you want to quit your 9 - 5 day job and make this online marketing thing work for you ...

... you are unsure how to attract your ideal audience and nothing really seems to work for you...

... you don't want to wait for SEO to kick in and give you the results you need today in a couple of months or years...

... you are frustrated because everyone seems to tell you something different...
If any of the above is true for you:
You've come to the right place!


... a world where your blog drives enough traffic, leads, and sales that you can quit your day job and escape.

... that you had a simple process that you could follow step-by-step to increase your traffic daily in just 15 to 30 minutes.

... that you became a leader of an engaged community - that follows your example and listens to what you have to say.

... that you could grow your business 90 percent on autopilot - with the remaining 10 percent being the fun part.

... that you could escape the 9 - 5 hamsterwheel and do what you want to do and were born to do.

Introducing: The Twitter Marketing Course

This is a training program for our highly effective Twitter marketing process. Once you learn this process, you will be able to grow your blog and website traffic organically, authentically, and quickly - this is your chance to escape the hamster wheel and start to meet your online marketing goals for free.

Discover the same tactics and the simple Twitter process that hundreds of successful entrepreneurs already used to achieve influencer status!
“Digital marketing has never been more important or more challenging. At The Social Ms, Susanna shows you that there are specific things you can do to get it right on Twitter. She brings a depth of experience to new light, with graceful instruction and uncompromising integrity."

- José I. Rodríguez, Communication Consultant, TedX Speaker

What you'll learn

Unit 1: Why Twitter
We explain, why Twitter is special in all the social networks and why Twitter will work in any niche. We also show you how to use Twitter as a starting point for your social media activity.
Unit 2: Getting Started
You will learn how to make your Twitter account valuable so that people from your target audience will WANT to follow you and connect to you. We teach you how to make your Twitter account visible on Twitter and start growing followers - and traffic.
Unit 3: Your Activity
You will learn how to keep your Twitter account active (and visible): how often to tweet, how to tweet and what to tweet for more success - and what to do if you do not have enough own content to tweet.
Unit 4: Growing an Audience
You will learn how to use targeted activity on Twitter to make your Twitter account visible to the right people on Twitter to make more people follow you. You will learn to utilize conversations to connect with people from your audience.
Unit 5: Targeting
Success on Twitter is not based on the number of your followers but your ability to find and connect to the right people. We teach you how to target exactly the people you want and need to grow your blog or business.
Unit 6: Twitter features
We explain some of the most important Twitter features that you can use for your marketing success. For example, you will learn everything about Twitter's advanced search.
Unit 7: Twitter tools
We present you with the best tools to implement your Twitter success routine and automate some of it.
Unit 8: Twitter action plan
You get an easy to follow Twitter action plan. We show you step-by-step how to get started with Twitter marketing and grow your traffic and leads with Twitter.

If Twitter is great for marketing, why isn't everybody doing this?

Good question. But the truth is, many people are using exactly the same process. And the results are ALWAYS great. But most of these people don't want you to know that the secret of their success isn't the result of years of hard work, but of performing a process that doesn't take more then 30 minutes of their day.

This is what is so great about this process: Once you know how it works, it almost feels like cheating! A couple of minutes of your day can give you game changing results.
“The Social Ms ... have shown us great possibilities of growing on Twitter and via online media. In addition, they actually respond to email reactions. Practicing what they preach gives them the credibility edge.”

- Guy Pardon, Co-Founder, Atomikos

The Story behind this Course

We started our first online business back in 2010. And like any online business we needed traffic for our website. But it wasn't that simple in our case - we weren't on our own, we had investors - and those investors wanted to see results. 

At first we failed - although we tried everything.
  • We tried hiring a PR company (which took a lot of money and gave us nothing)
  • ​We tried hiring a marketing pro - we had to fire that person after two weeks
  • ​We tried advertising - we even got a consultant at Google, but even he couldn't make it work
  • ​We tried every social media tactic we could find, but nothing worked...
We found one tactic that worked for us - just a little at first. So we focused on that tactic (which was a way of how to use Twitter for generating traffic).

And suddenly everything fell into place. Our Twitter accounts grew like crazy. Our social media traffic exploded.

Here is how our traffic for our business exploreB2B exploded:
But for exploreB2B this came already too late - if we had figured this out just a month earlier, it would have been a success, but in this case it was just too late.

So we had to start a new business - and this time we had learned our lessons: No investors, no complicated technology, just a blog and online courses. And good, low-cost marketing.

That's why we started The Social Ms. But the question remained: Could we do it again?

Here is the traffic of The Social Ms in the first 6 months:
After just 6 months, we had almost 50,000 monthly pageviews. We were selected as the #8 most important social media marketing brand on Twitter by Onalytica after just 8 months.

We launched our first online course and made 1000s of Dollars.

And since then, we have focused on bringing the same success to our customers.

Exactly the same tactics that brought this success for us are what we teach in "Social Media Growth Basics".

With Social Media Growth Basics we focus on the most important social networks. We teach you how to run a blog and create great content on your blog.

And we give you the ONE traffic strategy for your blog or online business that you need.

Where will YOU be 6 months from now?

You have to make a choice:

Either you will choose the slow and hard path - trying everything on your own, running into many road blocks, and probably giving up before coming any where near where you want to be...
Or you choose a proven path to traffic, social media influence, and business success and use the strategies and methods in our Twitter process.

About The Social Ms

We're a team of brother and sister - but we've also been business partners for a long time.

Jonathan Gebauer
"I come from a development background - my focus in Marketing is building scalable marketing tactics that lead to repeatable solutions. I have what I call an algorithmic approach to marketing - building a process for marketing that works again, again, again, and again.

In my free time I run marathons, I'm a rescue dog handler and I love any kind of sports."
Susanna Gebauer
"Before I became an entrepreneur I studied and did my PhD in math and worked as a strategy consultant for many years. My approach to marketing is analytical - finding the errors, fixing them, measuring success, and optimization.

In my free time I love dogs, hiking in the bavarian mountains and forests, and the being outside in any weather."

What we do

We've been where you are today. Or probably in worse situations. Before we started The Social Ms, we had a business go bankrupt. We tried everything to gain traffic for our website but nothing worked. We turned everything around - and we will help you get where we are today.

The Social Ms was founded in 2014 by Online Marketing Influencers Jonathan and Susanna Gebauer - and in a very short time managed to become one of the most important online marketing blogs on the internet. Within 8 months, The Social Ms was selected as the number 8 most important marketing brand on Twitter by influencer identification company Onalytica. The Social Ms were featured on various other publications on the web.

We take pride in being one of the few Online Marketing Blogs which focus on no- and low-budget marketing instead of promoting the idea that online marketing needs to be expensive and rely heavily on advertising.


A Course that shows you the ins and outs of twitter growth for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

My marketing budget is very limited - will you be asking me to invest money in ads and expensive tools?
No. Most tools we recommend are free or offer a free version that will get you started! When we started our Twitter strategy we had no money to spare on it. You can succeed on Twitter without any money at all, although some cheap tools will make your life a little easier.

How much time do I need to spend on this course?
The course itself can be completed with 1-2 hours a day within a month (that's an estimate - there are no limitations on how fast or slow you go through the content). But we focus on giving you everything you need to implement this for your blog or business - and how much time you spend on implementation is totally up to you. The more you spend on implementing what you learn, the better your results will be!

It seems my audience is hard to reach in social media, will Twitter work for me?
Sure! There is an audience on Twitter for almost any niche. And people from almost any niche are talking about related topics on Twitter. That is your chance to reach out and find your audience!

How long does it take before I will see results from what I do?
We designed this course so that it will be possible for everyone to achieve measurable results within 4 weeks. We cannot say how much traffic you will get because that really depends on the niche, your content and how much work you actually put in. But you will see results if you follow the course and do the work!

What if I get stuck in the course - will you help me?
Yes, we are here to help. If you work hard on the course but somehow still get stuck, just write us an email, and we will help you to figure out how to get it right. You are even doing us a favor, since your feedback will help us to make our courses even better.

I have been struggling with Twitter for ages, why should it work now?
We have been there. We were active on Twitter but somehow our audience was not growing and traffic was so low. And then we figured out just what was going wrong and what we needed to do. And suddenly Twitter turned from boring and frustrating into our favorite marketing channel - and we were even able to transfer our marketing success to other channels like SEO and Facebook. On Twitter, you have to do the right things at the right time. And we will teach you exactly what to do and when to do it!

Get Access Now for $59!

Get instant access to The Twitter Marketing Course and start learning today!

What you will learn:

  • Followers: Get followers on Twitter
  • Subscribers: Turn followers into subscribers
  • Traffic: Get massive organic traffic
  • Action Plans: Follow Step-by-Step advice
  • Expert: Become the goto expert of your niche
"This information is perfect for me and I am doing my homework. You are really opening my eyes to what it means to be a marketer or social marketer. Totally underestimated Twitter and how powerful it is."

- David Bibby
The Social Ms ... have shown us great possibilities of growing on Twitter and via online media. In addition, they actually respond to email reactions. Practicing what they preach gives them the credibility edge.”

- Guy Pardon, Co-Founder, Atomikos

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